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Powerpoint presentation of the key findings of Bolton's Drug and Alcohol Treatment Needs Assessmenet 2011/12.

Annual assessment report of drugs and alcohol treatment needs in Bolton, providing and understanding of local need and the different populations in need of treatment services.

Overview presentation of North West results from the Young Persons Alcohol and Tobacco Survey 2011, with results shown by local authority.

Report and analysis of mortality amongst individuals in contact with drug and alcohol treatment services in the North West between 2003 and 2009.

Report discussing the intertwined nature of alcohol and food in relation to consumption and their long term physical and psycho-social effects, providing the evidence base on interventions for promoting healthy food and alcohol consumption.

A snapshot for Bolton of alcohol related indicators.

Report providing extensive data and evidence on the use of alcohol and the associated harms in Greater Manchester dwon to a PCT and Local Authority level. The report and data is split into eight themes: consumption; hospital admission and attendance; mortality; other health harms; crime and offenders; economic impacts; young people; treatment.

A Greater Manchester survey examing alcohol consumption within the region including examination of the methodology providing insight into the increased levels of accuracy.

This report presents new synthetic estimates of increasing risk drinkers (previously referred to as hazardous drinkers) and higher risk drinkers (previously referred to as harmful drinkers) at local authority level in England and, for the first time, also includes estimates of the number of abstainers and lower risk drinkers in each local authority.

Summarises the key findings of a survey to assess the behaviour and attitudes of 14 to 17 year olds in the North West towards alcohol and tobacco.

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