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Heart Attack or Failure

A map that shows the population estimates of emergency hospital admissions by age standardised rate (all ages) because of myocardial infraction in Bolton by ward

 The Medicine for Managers briefings are succinct profiles of particular diseases or conditions compiled by Dr Paul Lambden for nhsmanagers.net. They provide a useful overview of the disease, with an explanation of the causes and possible treatments, as well as epidemiological information. This briefing centres on heart failure.

This report provides the results of directly standardised rate (DSR) calculations at PCT level for Bolton compared to Greater Manchester PCTs.  The purpose is to see whether any changes in the Bolton admission rate in recent periods is also evident across the Greater Manchester region.

Map showing prevalence of current levels of population who have been told by a health professional that they have had a heart attack within Bolton at MSOA (Middle Super Output Area) level. Taken from Bolton Health Survey 2010.

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