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Profiles for each clinical commissioning group (CCG) and local authority summarising data about high blood pressure

The hypertension profiles complement Public Health England’s Tackling high blood pressure: from evidence to action report. Each PDF profile has chapters on prevention, detection and management. They have a wide range of data about hypertension for each local authority and clinical commissioning group (CCG) in England. They are for commissioners and health professionals to use when assessing the impact of hypertension on their local population, opportunities for improvement and making decisions about services and emerging issues.

The reosurce can be accessed by clicking here: bit.ly/1ZJpp2m

Healthier Lives: High Blood Pressure created by Public Health England is an interactive ‘heat map’ includes information on prevalence of the conditions and their complications, levels of care provided and the quality of care achieved in each area by local authority (LA), clinical commissioning group (CCG) and general practice, compared to the England average. This resource can be accessed by clicking here: http://bit.ly/13j7cxl

Excel spreadsheet containing modelled estimates of the prevalence of hypertension by local authority, PCT and Bolton GP practices.

Map showing prevalence of current levels of population who have been told by a health professional that they have high blood pressure within Bolton at MSOA (Middle Super Output Area) level. Taken from Bolton Health Survey 2010.

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