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Births and Fertility

This guideline updates and replaces NICE guideline CG55 (published September 2007). It offers evidence-based advice on the care of women and their babies during labour and immediately after the birth. It covers healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies entering labour at low risk of developing intrapartum complications. New recommendations have been added in a number of areas, including choosing place of birth, care during the latent first stage of labour, transfer of care, fetal assessment and monitoring during labour (particularly cardiotocography compared with intermittent auscultation) and management of the third stage of labour. This resource can be accessed by clicking here:

A map that shows the population estimates (percentage) for the fertility rates for Bolton by ward from 2006-2010.

This is the Perinatal Mortality JSNA Indicator Sheet from the Child and Maternal Health section. JSNA Indicator Sheets summarise the current position and recent trends for Bolton, comparators to Bolton, and inequalities across population groups and geographical areas of Bolton.


  • There are around 30 perinatal mortalities in Bolton per year;
  • For several years prior to 2009 Bolton had a higher perinatal mortality rate than the North West and England averages, but has reduced to a similar level for the latest period;
  • The significant gap in perinatal mortality between the most deprived fifth of the population compared to Bolton as a whole has reduced over recent periods;
  • Bolton is around average for its statistical peer group and within the Greater Manchester connurbation.

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