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Mental Health

This brief report provides evidence on the health needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual communities using a variety of sources of information. It also highlights the key indicators, relevant to such population groups, contained within the Public Health and Adult Social care Outcomes Frameworks. Key issues include: smoking; mental health; sexual health; substannce misuse.

This report reviews the available information about the use of drugs by the general public to enhance the body (including the mind). It examines some of the historical context;  the reasons behind the increasing availability and use in the past few decades; the general harms to public health and difficulties in detecting and preventing harms with current systems; their effects on the body and the harms that they may cause; the research that is needed so that society can develop an effective and efficient response to protect and promote public health.

This report provides an examination and analysis of suicides and self harm in Bolton, concentrating on suicides during 2008 to 2010. The report includes details of an audit of suicide cases from Coronial files.

Paper summarising results of the public consultation examining proposals for domains and headline measures of national wellbeing.

Report providing the results of the Older People's Mental Health & Wellbeing Survey that took place in the Spring of 2008 using both self completion questionnaires and guided interviews with over 450 individuals in Bolton.

The Director of Public Health Annual Report for 2010/11 provides a thorough examination of wellbeing in Bolton, looking at the potential gains of improved wellbeing, wellbeing through the life course and ways to improve wellbeing.

Analytical report showing population level breakdowns of Greater Manchester Emergency Department, hospital trust and ambulance data on self harm related incidents during 2009.

This paper using questions from the Annual Population Survey examines potential measures of subjective wellbeing and provides analayis of subsequent results at a national level. This is part of broader research seeking national measures of wellbeing.

Results of the 2011 Care Quality Commission survey of users of mental health services at Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Report on research aimed at improving understanding of causal factors in suicides.

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