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Mental Health

Estimates of people with diagnosed and undiagnosed dementia in 2010 and predictions to 2021 by Primary Care Trust.

Factsheet from the Mental Health Network providing new figures, statistics and resources in relation to mental health.

A data profile accompaniment to the UK focal point for violence and injury prevention series of evidence reviews.

An evidence review examining best practice in prevention of suicide and self harm as part of WHO global violence and injury prevention programme. The review examines five areas of successful initiatives: developing awareness and skills; increasing identification and referral; supporting and treating those at risk; community interventions; societal interventions.

This report presents information on accident and emergency attendances and emergency hospital admissions for self harm in children in the North West. Local Authority and NHS Trust level analysis is provided.

This report is the executive summary of the Foresight Project on mental capital and wellbeing.

This report presents the findings of the Foresight Project for 'Mental health'. It examines the prevalence of mental disorders, considers the risk and protective factors which influence mental illness and determines how its prevalence and impact could change in the future if plicies and expenditure remain unchanged.

This report presents the findings of the Foresight Project for 'Mental capital through life'. It discusses how to optimise mental wellbeing through the life course for the population in the future, and concludes by assessing policy implications.

This excel tool provides estimates of prevalence (rates and numbers of cases) of common mental health problems in adults for Primary Care Trusts in England.

A survey focusing on the mental wellbeing of the population of the north-west of England undertaken in 2009 by the NWPHO.

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