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Carers Health

Bolton's Carers Strategy 2013-2015 sets out priorities and practical ways to ensure the best possible outcomes for carers and those they care for through a programme of realistic actions to ensure that the vital role of carers is recognised and supported during the next three years. Bolton’s Carers Strategy follows on from and replaces the previous local strategy, ‘Supporting Carers in Bolton - Everyone’s Responsibility 2009-12’. The new Carers Strategy responds to national Government policy and strategy concerning carers and addresses the key priorities and outcomes for the next three years for individuals in Bolton who have caring responsibilities for persons over the age of 18; including support for families to avoid young people under this age carrying out inappropriate caring roles.

Further information on caring in Bolton can be found here:

This is the JSNA chapter on carers. Theme chapters summarise who is at risk and why, the level of need in the population, service provision and use, unmet needs, the evidence base, highlight the key issues and gaps, and provides recommendations for commissioners.

Recognised, valued and supported: next steps for the Carers Strategy sets out how the Government will work with carers and carers’ organisations. Government – local and national – should reciprocate the support carers show with measures that ease the responsibility of caring.

To download this report please click here:

The Carers Strategy sets out the Government’s short term agenda and long-term vision for the future care and support of carers. You can access this strategy by clikcing here: 

This is a collection of evidence that is supplemental and supportive to the JSNA Chapter: Carers It brings together all the most relevant intelligence, research and evidence to ensure best practice in desicion making.

This report provides benchmarked results of the Bolton Carers Survey 2009/10, with Bolton results compared to the national average. Comparison of the Bolton survey results to the national results reveals that responses from the Bolton sample of carers was broadly similar to the national trends.

This summary report provides the results of the Bolton Carers Survey 2009/10, a postal self completion survey sent to 2025 adult carers in Bolton.

This report presents the findings of an independent evaluation of the National Carers’ Strategy Demonstrator Sites programme. These sites either developed new and innovative services for carers or extended existing provision where effective arrangements were already in place. You can access this by clicking here:

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