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End Of Life

This Housing LIN Practice Briefing looks at the importance of end of life care delivered at home, describing the context, inequalities in end of life care, examples of good or emerging practice, and recommendations for actions. Funded by Public Health England, it is intended to be a practical guide for those working in mainstream and/or specialist housing, care and support and public health to understand their respective roles, and how they may work together, to help people to have their end of life care wishes met.

This resource can be accessed by clicking here: bit.ly/1QeCTg9

These profiles draw together a wide range of information to give an overview of variations in cause and place of death, by age and sex, for each clinical commissioning group (CCG) in England. The profiles will help commissioners and providers of end of life care get a clearer picture of the end of life care needs of their local populations. They will help with the planning and delivery of services and will support drives locally towards improving end of life care. You can view the profiles by cliking here bit.ly/1mTBsG8 and exploring the resources on the left hand side of the page.

Related Resources

End of life care profile for Bolton

The End of Life Care Profiles present indicators by Local Authority and Primary Care Trust (PCT) to help commissioners and providers understand the end of life care needs of their populations. They are presented in table, chart and map format using the InstantAtlas mapping tool. They can be used by anyone who wishes to compare the position of their PCT or Local Authority with others in England and to track that position over time. They can be accessed by clicking here: http://www.endoflifecare-intelligence.org.uk/end_of_life_care_profiles/default.aspx

For Bolton specific data, please visit: http://www.boltonshealthmatters.org/knowledgehub/end-life-care-profile-bolton

The End of Life Care Local Authority Profiles 2012 present over 50 indicators for each local authority in England. They include social care indicators for the first time. This is presented within an interactive map. There are indicators that can be used to predict need:

  • population
  • deaths

and to look at current patterns of care:

  • place of death
  • cause of death
  • deaths in hospital
  • care homes
  • social care. 

You can access this by clicking here

This end of life care profile provides a snapshot of an area's position compared to England and their region. It can be used to benchmark and review PCT's position over time. Commissioners and providers of end of life care can use the profile when discussing service need. There is also an interactive tool available at http://www.endoflifecare-intelligence.org.uk/profiles.aspx where you can compare other local, regional and national data. 

An overview of the numbers of people that die annually down to Local Authority level and the pattern of death by age, gender, deprivation, cause and place of death. An examination.

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