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This is the JSNA chapter on safeguarding. Theme chapters summarises implications for commissioning, who is at risk and why, the level of need in the population, service provision and use, unmet needs, what works in terms of evidence, community views and priorities, any related equality impact assessments, unmet service needs/gaps and recommendations for further needs assessment work. 

This document provides guidance to support an NHS organisation when they are developing or reviewing safeguarding policies and procedures around female genital mutilation (FGM).

It can be used by health professionals from all sectors, particularly designated and named safeguarding leads, and local safeguarding children board members. It is based on existing best practice within the NHS. It has been developed in partnership with health and social care professionals, and professional bodies.

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Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a terrible crime with destructive and far reaching consequences for victims, their families, and society. It is not limited to any particular geography, ethnic or social background, and all councils should assume that CSE is happening in their area and take proactive action to prevent it.

This is not just a job for the lead member for children's services or the local director of children's services. This pack is aimed at elected members at all levels. We all have a role to play in keeping children safe, and councils cannot stamp out CSE without the help of the wider community. Councillors have a key role to play in this, and should not be afraid to raise these issues within the communities they represent.

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This is a collection of evidence that is supplemental and supportive to the JSNA Chapter: Safeguarding. It brings together all the most relevant intelligence, research and evidence to ensure best practice in decision making.

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The Safeguarding Children Training Directory has been developed by the Department of Health in response to Lord Laming's progress report which identified inadequacies in the quality of an access to safeguarding training received by health professionals. It gives details of and links to a range of training resources which will help achieve the learning outcomes erquired for different groups of staff working with children and young people.

The Annual Report 2010-2011 and Business Plan 2010-13 of Bolton's Safeguarding Children Board.

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