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A review and synthesis of the evidence on improving access to primary care and preventing avoidable admission to hospital among vulnerable migrants, Gypsies and Travellers, people who are homeless, and sex workers.

The guideline applies to all pregnant women with complex social factors and contains a number of recommendations on standards of care for this population as a whole. However, four groups of women were identified as exemplars:

  • women who misuse substances (alcohol and/or drugs)
  • women who are recent migrants, asylum seekers or refugees, or who have difficulty reading or speaking English
  • young women aged under 20
  • women who experience domestic abuse.

Because there are differences in the barriers to care and particular needs of these four groups, specific recommendations have been made for each group. To view this guidance - please click here: http://publications.nice.org.uk/pregnancy-and-complex-social-factors-cg110

TS4SE works for change that will improve the lives of refugee and migrants in the United Kingdom. Our free online training toolkit provides information and practical tips for effective engagement with patients from migrant, refugee and minority communities. Designed for frontline staff, the toolkit can be easily used by individuals on their own or by teams within a group setting. The flexible format allows you to choose the modules appropriate for your specific needs and time available. Please be aware you will need to register. 


This is a summary of guidance for NHS Commissioners on commissioning health services vulnerable migrant women. The full guidance contains expanded commentary with recommendations, review of legislation, good practice examples and links to useful research and resources.

This briefing considers the different ways in which you can understand who counts as a migrant in the UK and the implications of using dfifferent definitions.

An overview of the condition of persons excluded from healthcare systems in the EU. This is a report based on data from five cities across Europe. It provides a useful insight into the health issues and the problems in gaining access to particular healthcare services for migrant populations in Europe.

Collection of up to date and wide ranging statistics and information that provide a profile of migration and migrants in Bolton.

Useful guide to help producers of JSNAs to include migrants and migrant health needs in their assessments. Sources of relevant data and ways to engage populations are included in the guide.

This report summarises the available data and evidence on the extent and impact of destitution  among young refugees and migrants in the UK, based on findings from services.

Report providing evidence and data from 2005-10 on various types of infectious disease in 'non-UK born populations' in the UK.

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