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This statutory guidance shows how local authorities and NHS organisations should carry out their responsibilities under the Autism Act 2009 to develop services that support and meet the needs of people with autism, and their families and carers. It also explains what support they can expect to receive from local authorities and NHS organisations. The guidance was revised to take account of responses to a related consultation, and reflects changes to support the implementation of the strategy for adults with autism in England since 2010.

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Produced by Bolton Council, The Autism Strategy lays out seven key priorities to support people with autism in Bolton:

  1. Local organisations and services have a better awareness and understanding of autism and make reasonable adjustments so that their services are more accessible to, and respond more appropriately to, adults with autism
  2. A clear and consistent diagnostic pathway exists for adults with autism with post diagnostic support where appropriate/needed
  3. All adults with autism are able to access appropriate information and advice about services available to them
  4. Transitional support is improved for young people with autism as they move into Adulthood
  5. Adults with autism in Bolton are able to access employment opportunities
  6. Local planning and leadership is in place in relation to the provision of services for adults with autism
  7. Adequate specialist support services are commissioned to respond to the needs of adults with autism

The strategy also includes an implementation.


What are some of the challenges people with autism face in older age and what can government do to address them? These are the questions this report seeks to answer.  Based on interviews, focus groups, surveys and the outcome of evidence sessions held in parliament earlier this year, the Getting on? reports set out some of the key issues facing older people with autism and what government and other bodies need to do to make sure they have the services and support they need. This report should be of interest to those commissioning services for older people, specifically older people with autism.


This is the JSNA chapter on Autism. Theme chapters summarises implications for commissioning, who is at risk and why, the level of need in the population, service provision and use, unmet needs, what works in terms of evidence, community views and priorities, any related equality impact assessments, unmet service needs/gaps and recommendations for further needs assessment work. 

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