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Learning and Cognitive Disability

This profile breaks down learning disabilities across Bolton. The focus of the profile is:

  • Health of individuals;
  • The access to health and care social services;
  • Area comparisons

They should be of interest to all those involved in the delivery and commissioning of services to those with learning disabilities. For more details, you can visit the website by clicking here: http://bit.ly/L1qRE3


  • Learning Disability Partnership Boards have now reported annually on their work for two years. 
  • These reports give a valuable perspective of work around the country.  They show that partnership boards are working to improve services and they show many examples of good practice.
  • This document sets out a template for Partnership Board Annual reports in 2011/12 summarising their work in the year to March 2012. 


  • In the Valuing People Now summary report (DH 2010) for 2009/10 the Care Services Minister said the report gave clear information so that local people can see what progress has been made and improve services for people with learning disabilities. 
  • All 152 partnership boards completed the report. This showed that partnership boards wanted to improve services everywhere.  There were many examples of best practice. 
  • Good practice examples were in the summary report. They showed how people’s lives could improve and how efficiencies could be made.

Please be aware this is an archived report. The 2011-2012 report can be viewed by clicking here

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