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Health & Care Services

Examines the evidence required for succesful health promotion lifestyle interventions.

The factsheet presents:A diagram that categorises each programme into 4 quadrants in terms of spend and outcome to allow easy identification of those areas that require priority attention by the PCT; A spine chart that shows variation in spend and outcomes compared to similar PCTs, the SHA and England, and allows instant visual identification of programmes which may benefit from further review; A bar chart which shows spend by programme compared with PCTs in the same ONS cluster.

The audit collected data on diabetes staff working in hospitals, information on the care received by all inpatients with diabetes and the experience of the inpatient stay from the perspective of the patient.

A benchmarking comparison resource for PCT's to be used when comparing diabetes services. PCT's are grouped into 5 seperate groups sorted by main risk factors for diabetes: age, ethnicity, obesity & deprivation.

Between 2005 and 2007, The King's Fund was commissioned to produce software tools and models to identify individuals at high-risk of re-admission to hospital. The aim was to help primary care trusts intervene and reduce future hospital admissions. *Please Note* this resource has been archived and is for historical perspective only.

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