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Report highlighting the estimated levels of morbidity and mortality attached to fuel poverty and the estimated associated health costs.

The first housing plan in Bolton to understand and address the needs of the elderly population and the impact of an ageing population on housing in the borough.

This plan sets out to ensure that Bolton's housing offer is increased both in quantity and quality, by creating greater access and choice for those  households facing difficulties in the existing housing market conditions.

The strategy sets out a plan for promoting affordable warmth in Bolton by tackling fuel poverty by bringing together existing initiatives, new ideas and increased collaboration between agencies in Bolton working towards similar goals. The strategy includes a local needs analysis overview.

A detailed report on the findings of the November 2007 Strategic Housing Market Assessment, using both secondary data and data from the 2006 Bolton Housing Needs Survey. The report provides a thorough understanding of the whole housing market in order to help develop and plan informed local pland and housing strategies.

Summary overview of Bolton Council's strategic approach to housing. It details five strategic priorities including: to provide affordable housing and choice whilst meeting the needs and demands of the future; to creat and promote sustainable and inclusive communities; to improve the quality of private sector housing; to promote health, wellbeing and quality of life; to strengthen the partnership approach to improve housing, services and communities.

This delivery plan sets out how the council aim to improve conditions for those in private sector housing in a challenging period of population ageing and diminished reosurces. It highlights those populations most vulnerable to poor housing conditions.

With a growing private rented sector in Bolton, this delivery plan sets out how services in the borough will work together over the next three years to tackle issues and improve access to the sector.

This Empty Homes Strategy sets out how Bolton Council will address the issue of long  term empty homes in the borough. It details the extent of empty housing throughout the borough.

Executice Summary of Bolton's 2011 Housing Needs and Housing Market Assessment (HNMA). The HNMA contains the findings of the 2011 Housing Needs Survey and also brings together a range of data sources to provide a comprehensive understanding of the housing issues currently affecting residents in the borough.

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