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Strategy Development

The Borough of Bolton has a resident population of approximately 280,000. The health and social care system comprises a number of statutory organisations along with a GP Federation and vibrant community and voluntary sector:

  • Bolton Foundation Trust
  • Bolton Council
  • Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Greater Manchester West Mental Health Trust
  • Bolton Federation
  • Bolton CVS
  • HealthWatch Bolton

These organisations and wider stakeholders have worked jointly to develop Bolton’s Health and Care Locality Plan to deliver real improvements in health and wellbeing for Bolton people and make services more sustainable for the future, in terms of money and patient care.

The Shared Learning collection is a portfolio of quality-assured examples of implementation of NICE guidance and the use of quality standards to change local practice.
The Quality and Productivity collection provides quality-assured, real life examples of how things can be done differently in health and social care, whilst still providing optimal standards of care to patients. This includes 133 evidence-based examples that have been shown to improve quality and save money, plus areas of potential disinvestment from NICE guidance and Cochrane reviews.

This can be accessed by clicking here:

The Better Care Fund is intended to transform local health and social care services so that they work together to provide better joined up care and support. This is the Better Care Fund plan for Bolton. Part 1 and Part 2 can be downloaded below.

In this document Public Health England publishes 7 priorities for the next 5 years, having looked closely at the evidence to determine where it can most effectively focus its efforts.

This overarching document sets out our commitment to support their partners with a programme of work that:

  • ensures credible, evidence-based advice is available on the key issues relating to the public’s health
  • develops our ability to engage and support the public in making healthier choices
  • mobilises support for broader action on improving the public’s health

It’s objective is to stimulate is a new movement that focuses on creating and protecting health, not only treating ill health. This document is an invitation to PHE ’colleagues’ across the health professions, local and national government, the voluntary and community sector and the public, to join us in applying the evidence of what we know works to achieve the step-change in the nation’s health that we all seek. This resource can be accessed by clicking here:

This is the final report from the independent Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England. In it, the commission discusses the need for a new settlement for health and social care to provide a simpler pathway through the current maze of entitlements. The commission, chaired by Kate Barker, proposes a new approach that redesigns care around individual needs regardless of diagnosis, with a graduated increase in support as needs rise, particularly towards the end of life. The commission has concluded that this vision for a health and care system fit for the 21st century is affordable and sustainable if a phased approach is taken and hard choices are taken about taxation.

This resource can be accessed by clicking here:

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