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This briefing particularly focuses on where the GM workforce travel from and how far they travel, preferred modes of transport and recent changes in commuting behaviours and patterns.


  • Greater Manchester (GM) is a relatively stable travel to work area, with 85% of GM residents also working within GM
  • As in 2001, Manchester and Trafford remain the focal points as far as locations of work are concerned but Salford is growing as a GM work location
  • Over the past decade more GM residents are travelling outside their local authority to work and they are travelling further when doing so
  • GM has stronger labour market links to authorities in Cheshire and the High Peak than to Lancashire, Merseyside and the more distant parts of West Yorkshire
  • In the face of more and longer journeys to work, commuting by car remains the most popular way of getting to work although growth in walking, cycling and public transport usage has been impressive
  • Investments in GM’s bus, Metrolink and train networks have come at the same time as large increases in usage but we cannot yet identify the full impact of this expansion in public transport
  • GM is witnessing a breakdown in the traditional home/office split, with nearly 20% of GM workers either working from home or having no fixed office address

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Map showing current levels of population that do not have regular access to a car within Bolton at MSOA (Middle Super Output Area) level. Taken from Bolton Health Survey 2010.

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