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Bolton Health Survey 2010 Practice Profiles


These are the Profile Sheets for Bolton's GP practices, summarising the results of the Bolton Health & Wellbeing Survey 2010. Although some time has passed since this survey was carried out, it is still our latest source of health behaviour and lifestyle information obtained from Bolton people that is reliable down to small area level.

Each Profile compares the health survey results for the practice to the practice cluster, the Bolton average and other practices, and highlights those indicators significantly below or above the Bolton average.

P82001 - Dunstan Medical Centre (Dr Lynch & Partners) 
P82002 - Pikes Lane 1 (Dr Littlewood & Partners)
P82003 - Kildonan House (Dr Dryburgh & Partners)
P82004 - Swan Lane Medical Centre (Dr Caldwell & Partners)
P82005 - Stable Fold Surgery (Dr Symes & Partners)
P82006 - Pike View Mecdical Centre (Dr Malhotra & Partners)
P82007 - Kearsly Medical Centre (Dr Wall & Partners)
P82008 - Stonehill Medical Centre (Dr Silvert & Partners)
P82009 - St Helens Road Practice (Dr Patel & Partners)
P82010 - Avondale Health Centre (Dr Phillips)
P82011 - Tonge Fold Health Centre (Dr Lowe & Partners)
P82012 - Lever Chambers 1 (Dr Lyon & Partners)
P82013 - Lever Chambers 2 (Dr Loomba & Partner)
P82015 - Unsworth Group Practice - (Dr Nagle & Partners)
P82016 - Harwood Health Centre - (Dr Lancashire & Partners)
P82018 - Alistair Ross Health Centre (Dr Ariff & Partners)
P82020 - Little Lever Health Centre (Dr Parikh & Partner)
P82021 - Bradshaw Brow Surgery (Dr Kirby & Partners)
P82022 - Halliwell Surgery 1 (Dr Woods & Partners)
P82023 - Mandalay Medical Centre (Dr Fletcher & Partners)
P82025 - Burnside Surgery (Dr Ormiston & Partners)
P82029 - Halliwell Surgery 2 (Dr McLardy & Partners)
P82030 - Deane Medical Centre (Dr Kumar A)
P82031 - Heaton Medical Centre (Dr Atkinson & Partners)
P82033 - Bradford Street Surgery (Dr Zarrouk)
P82034 - Edgworth Medical Centre (Dr Umebuani)
P82036 - Little Lever Health Centre 2 (Dr Jain)
P82037 - Farnworth Health Centre 1 (Dr Agarwal & Partners)
P82607 - Blackburn Road Surgery 1 (Dr Walmsley & Partners)
P82609 - Shanti Medical Centre (Dr Prasad & Partners)
P82613 - Spring View Medical Centre (Dr Shri-Kant & Partner)
P82616 - Crescent Road Surgery (Dr Caswell)
P82624 - Laxmi Medical Centre (Dr Rout)
P82626 - Halliwell Surgery 3 (Dr Hunt & Partner)
P82627 - Cornerstone Surgery (Dr Walker & Partner)
P82629 - Pikes Lane 2 (Dr Dakshina-Murthi)
P82633 - Great Lever Health Centre 1 (Dr Newgrosh)
P82634 - Wyresdale Road Surgery (Dr Singh & Partners)
P82640 - Pikes Lane 3 (Dr Falouji)
P82643 - Edgerton/Dunscar Health Centre (Dr Liversedge & Partners)
P82652 - Farnworth Health Centre 2 (Dr Barua)
P82657 - Greenland Road Surgery (Dr Naqvi SMH)
P82660 - Deane Clinic 1 (Dr Selverajan)
Y03079 - Bolton Community Practice (BCP)


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