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Bolton JSNA Indicator Sheet: Mortality: Alcohol Attributable (Female)


This is the Alcohol attributable (Female) JSNA Indicator Sheet from the Disease and Ill Health section. JSNA Indicator Sheets summarise the current position and recent trends for Bolton, comparators to Bolton, and inequalities across population groups and geographical areas of Bolton.



  • Female alcohol attributable mortality in Bolton is significantly higher than both the national and regional average and accounts for six months of life lost in Bolton women who die prematurely (<75);
  • The mortality rate is static locally, regionally, and nationally;
  • In Bolton, mortality is far higher in women from the most deprived group of the population;
  • The inequality gap between the most deprived group and Bolton shows some reduction over time;
  • Bolton is above average for its peer group and within the Greater Manchester connurbation.

Information Type

JSNA Indicator Sheet

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Population Level



Public Health Intelligence Team, NHS Bolton


JSNA Indicator Sheet, Alcohol, Female, Mortality, Drinking.



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