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CHIMAT JSNA Navigator - Children and Young People


The JSNA Navigator - Children and Young People aims to take you directly to the data which you need when conducting a joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) locally for children and young people. It is divided into five domains. Use the links below to access the data directly or click the subject heading or subtitle for more information about each domain.

Using the JSNA Navigator

  • This resource highlights only the key data which you are likely to need in undertaking a needs assessment. You may also have local data which you will want to include. 
  • There are many other indicators and resources available on ChiMat which will help you build a picture of your local area and place it in a broader context of policy, good practice and other guidance. 
  • Many of the resources available through ChiMat allow you to compare your area with others. 
  • Most links are to data contained within the ChiMat Data Atlas, which brings together a range of data and statistics on child and maternal health into one easily accessible hub. The Data Atlas helps you find and use the information and evidence you need to improve planning. The data are regularly updated as new releases become available.

This resource will be of use to anyone who is involved within the commissioning or design of children's services. The resource can be accessed by clicking here:

Information Type

Website Link

Geographical Level


Population Level





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