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Dementia Friendly Communities: Learning from Bradford & York Programmes


This resource collection contributes to the emerging evidence base by drawing out the key messages from independent evaluations of their Dementia Friendly Community (DFC) programmes. This collection consists of three resources (please click on title to access resource):

  1. Shared learning from programmes
  2. Evaluation of Bradford Dementia Friendly Communities Programme
  3. Evaluation of York Dementia Friendly Communities Programme

Ways Forward

  • The active, meaningful engagement of people with dementia and their families is fundamental.
  • DFCs must engage with, and achieve equity for, all people with dementia, whatever their circumstances.
  • Practical barriers to inclusion must be addressed if normal lives are to be continued.
  • The human rights of people with dementia and carers must be recognised and promoted.
  • DFCs must be underpinned by ongoing awareness raising, training and positive media coverage.
  • Connections and networks, within and beyond the community, are at the heart of DFCs.
  • Local grassroots community activity is the bedrock of DFCs.
  • This activity must be supported by strong strategic planning, commissioning and leadership.
  • Both primary and secondary health providers have a vital role to play in supporting social inclusion
  • There is no template - each community must develop its own approach.

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