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Now Available - Performance Management Framework Toolkit Reports

The 'Performance Management Framework Toolkit Reports' are now available on Bolton's Health Matters. These interactive resources are released quarterly and should be accessed by all of those involved with the health and wellbeing of the Bolton population.

The Performance Management Framework Toolkit collates performance indicators relevant to health and wellbeing in Bolton.  The focus is on officially available data and the report will be updated regularly, making the report on BHM prior to each Health & Wellbeing Board a picture of the latest data available. The key report is that for Bolton’s Health & Wellbeing Strategy.  This performance report includes a summary profile of the indicators in the Strategy, to be presented at Bolton's Health & Wellbeing Board, as well as more detail regarding the Overarching Outcomes of the Strategy, and tables illustrating direction of travel and commentary for all indicators.

You can access Quarter 2 reports by clicking here:

All of the reports will be available via this page here:  It is recommended you save this link as a favourite.

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