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Shisha Pipe Smoking

The focus of this report (produced by Liz Johnston, Health Improvement Specialist - Tobacco Control and Oral Health)was to investigate out how Shisha Pipe Smoking (SHS) is portrayed on YouTube in terms of:

  • how popular the videos are, what types of videos they are,
  • identify the most common messages about SHS in these videos,
  • look for any evidence that these videos are being used to market shisha tobacco brands. This study is important in order for public health departments to formulate responses to this growing concern.

This should be of relevance to those who commission and provide tobacco control services but also to those involved in public health engagement on health related issues and social marketing generally.


This comprehensive strategy outlines how we can tackle tobacco together; it ranges from helping people to quit, to protecting children from second hand smoke, to educating people about the dangers of shisha pipes.

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