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Carer's Survey 2012-13

The Council will be carrying out a survey of carers in contact with Adult Social Care in October 2012.  This is the first national survey of carers and will be carried out by all local authorities on behalf of the Department of Health.  The survey has been developed to learn more about:

Healthier Food Businesses in Bolton – The Future

In early September a consultation event is to be held in Bolton looking at possible future approaches to the number of takeaways in the borough and the development of a healthy catering award. With increasing obesity levels seen in both child and adulthood in Bolton and the associated impacts upon health, this is an increasingly important priority for partners across Bolton.

Adult Social Care Matters

Bolton Council has published ‘Adult Social Care Matters’ – the first document of its kind to be produced by the council’s Health and Adult Social Care department. The document (also known as the ‘local account’) has been produced for its customers and provides facts and figures about what the department does and how it does it.

Healthwatch Consultation

The Council has recently undertaken consultation with the local community and key stakeholders to inform the development of Healthwatch in Bolton. Local Healthwatch is an independent body created by the Health and Social Care Bill and funded by central government. The aim of local Healthwatch is to strengthen the patient, service user and public voice in health and care services and become the consumer champion. It will start in April 2013 and build on the work of Bolton LINk.

New Indicator Sheets

A number of new indicator sheets have been added to our JSNA core dataset since the last newsletter, particularly in relation to maternal and child health, click here to see the full list in this section.

JSNA Chapter Update Plan

It is hoped that all current JSNA chapters will be updated by the end of 2012. Members of the JSNA Operational Group will be working with various people and groups across the borough in the next few months in an effort to bring our chapters up to date now that we are armed with the JSNA core dataset and the evidence base in the Knowledge Hub has been nicely filling up. 

2011 Census news – first release

The first results from the 2011 Census were released on Monday 16th July. The Census conducted every ten years is an unparalleled source of information about the numbers and characteristics of the population of England and Wales. This will obviously be a very important source of data for the JSNA and Bolton’s Health Matters in general, and we will be adding related links to it and generated documents as they are produced.

Loneliness and Isolation: A Toolkit for Health and Wellbeing Boards

The Department of Health has launched a 'Loneliness and Isolation' Toolkit as part of the Care and Support White Paper which recognises loneliness and social isolation as large problem for society as a whole. 

Healthwatch Consultation - Your Views Sought

Healthwatch will be an important independent organisation that will give people in Bolton real influence over decisions about health and care services in the borough and provide information and advice.  It will build on current services provided by LINK, PALS and ICAS.  Following the recent Health & Social Care Bill, Bolton Council has been tasked by the Government to set up Healthwatch by April 2013 and ensure it is successful. 

Concerning Health Matters: Voices from 3 NRS areas. A Health Needs Assessment Report

This document reports the findings from a health needs assessment that was carried out in three of the most deprived areas of Bolton as a means to better understanding the reasons for the continuing health inequalities in the borough. The views, understandings, aspirations and expectations of heath and health services of over 700 residents from the Breightmet, Tonge with the Haulgh and Rumworth NRS areas were collected using a guided questionnaire, and their voices are captured in the final report.

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